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While You Were Voting….

Posted on: November 9, 2010

SCHOOL TOOL © Sarah Cates|

Were you wondering what your child’s teachers and/or teacher’s assistants were doing on Election Day? Well, I can assure you they were not manning the polls, or cleaning their classrooms. (Maybe after school hours!) They were hard at work from 8:15-3:00 looking at ways to improve instruction for the students of Northampton! I tell you we have the best staff members in the State!

Depending on their assignment, the paraprofessionals received training from an Autism Consultant, or training from our very own Reading Specialists, Mary Porcino and Elizabeth Wojtusik in  our district Writer’s Workshop Program.

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers and paraprofessionals worked with the Early Childhood data collection program, ‘The Work Sampling program’ to look at individual student data.

Teachers in grades 1-6 spent the day focusing on two areas, ‘creating a common understanding of academic rigor’ and ‘Data Analayis:  Developing a teachers tool kit for Open Response.’

Middle School and High School Teachers worked in their departments, analyzing data, reviewing curriculum and determining student learning plans.

We surveyed staff members after each of the sessions, and received many positive remarks.  Here are just a few:

On Writer’s Workshop Model (Paraprofessional Training)

“I found the workshop very helpful.  I like the ideas given.  I plan on using the many ideas and suggestions!”

“I realize how important conversation is in developing thinking for children to elaborate.  It was great!”

Creating a Common Understanding (Teachers)

“Great ideas and strategies for demystifying the MCAS test.”

“Most valuable-break down how school district is positioned in the State re: MCAS results.”

“Overall worskshop was very valuable to me and gave me some concrete ideas to take to my class, team and department.”

Looks like we had a very successful day!  Thank you to all the administrators who worked so hard to facilitate these meetings, and a big thank you to our new Director of Academic Effectiveness Mr. Mark Prince for coordinating this great day!  Yet another example of the great work of the employees of the Northampton Public Schools.

2 Responses to "While You Were Voting…."

When clicking on the link to the Superintendent’s blog, I could not get to it; it had been blocked by the NPS filter. I had to go on a nonschool computer before I could read something the Superintendent had written. I think the censorship of this site and many other educational material on the web is a sign to rethink the current internet policy.
Thank you,
Kelly Erwin

Hi Kelly,
Thank you so much for bringing this to my intention. I had thought that we had taken care of this when I first started my blog because even the administrators were having trouble accessing the website. I will have our Director of Technology, Bill Dornbusch look at this. Please understand that we have a very strict firewall program in our schools to prevent incoming viruses. This is in no way dictated by our internet policy. I welcome additional feedback from the public schools if my blog is not accessible so that we can fix the problem. Isabelina

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