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4th Grade Bullying Presentation

Posted on: December 13, 2010

On Monday November 8th, I was invited to attend a Bullying Presentation at Jackson Street Elementary School.  The 4th graders worked to provide a peer survey for the school, data collection and charts based on questions that included the following:

  • What is bullying?
  • Have you ever bullied someone before?
  • If you were a bystander, what would you do?
  • If a friend was bullied, how would you make it stop?

I was very proud of the hard work that went into the presentation.  The students were organized and the data was clear and eye opening with some students admitting through anonymous surveys that they had been the bully at times.  I want to thank Principal Agna for inviting me to attend the presentation.  I would also like to extend my thanks to teacher, Michael Jacobson-Hardy from the Northampton High School for coordinating student volunteers to videotape the presentation.  I was happy to share this with the School Committee at the November 18th meeting.  In light of our district finalizing our DRAFT Bullying and Harassment Prevention and Intervention Plan, I’m glad to see that we are having this dialogue in our schools with our children.  Please click on the link to watch the presentation.

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