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Thanks to our Food Service Team

Posted on: February 18, 2011

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You may be aware of the Healthy Foods In Northampton Schools Coalition presentation at last week’s School Committee meeting. Karen Jarvis-Vance, Director of Health Services for the Northampton Public Schools, also gave a bit of history and context, pointing out how much has changed/improved in our Food Service Dept. over the years -– now we have a salad option, a sandwich option, 1% (white) milk, no ice cream (except on birthdays!), brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread offerings and fresh fruit. The Food Service Dept. is in the process of changing some of our breakfast and lunch offerings. For instance, only white milk is now being served at breakfast.  As we go through these changes, I want to thank our wonderful cafeteria crews for all the effort, patience and care you give to our students!  It’s important to acknowledge that there are challenges to be met, some of which have to do with how long it takes to “prep” the new food options. As you may not know, the cafeteria staff has had their hours cut dramatically over the years as well as their staffing reduced due to budget cuts.  We also have equipment and space needs in our kitchens. Let’s continue to work together to make the food we serve our students the healthiest it can be! Thanks again so much to ALL who are involved!


The Northampton Public School Administration Team

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