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March 16, 2012 Weekly Musings

Posted on: March 19, 2012


Highlights from this week include the Grinspoon Teacher Awards, the JFK Spotlight Open house, Instructional Rounds at the High School, the completion of administrative mid-year evaluation goal meetings, and an afternoon with my MASS Coach, Kevin Courtney.

JFK teachers opened their doors on Thursday evening to welcome hundreds of parents into their world of education.  Student work was on display throughout the school including some fantastic Greek Mythology projects and talented musical performances.  I was able to catch the Jazz Band performance and they were excellent – great music and played with style.

Instructional Rounds continued as Nancy Athas, Mark Prince and I visited four classrooms to observe “what the students are doing and what they are being asked to do.”  We look for the level of academic challenge in the tasks they are engaged in.  We attended Honors Spanish 4, sophomore English, Mechanical Engineering, and AP European History.  We conclude each visit with a de-briefing session and then send an email to the faculty with our observations so we can share the strengths of the lessons.

Finally, I have enjoyed the chance to meet with the Administrative Team to discuss our work in detail and to assess each persons work toward achieving our individual professional goals.  We had some great conversations and are really growing together as a team and in our accomplishments.  Our final evaluation meeting will take place in May.

On a personal note:
I hope that those of you who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day enjoy the Road Race and Parade.  I am very excited to run the NYC Half marathon on Sunday at 7:30 a.m.  It will be televised live on ABC for you early risers. I ran this race last year which runs around Central Park, down 7th Avenue through Times Square, across 42nd Street to 12th Street, down along the West Side through Battery Park, and over to the finish at South Street Seaport.  It’s a great way to travel through Manhattan.  Then, I will quickly travel from NY to Boston to attend a 3 ½ day workshop at Harvard University called “Leadership for Superintendents” which begins Sunday at 4:00.


Brian L. Salzer, Ed.S.
Northampton Public Schools


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