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July 27, 2012 Weekly musings:

Posted on: July 27, 2012

By: Vlado

The biggest news of the week is Johanna McKenna’s re-submittal for retirement for the end of this school year.  Johanna is clearly enjoying her new role as Interim Director of Academic Effectiveness and has decided to stay on.  She will continue her work with principals and teachers designing our professional development work, managing our grants, and working as a liaison with the DESE.

We are all planned and prepared for our three day working retreat next week at Smith College Conference Center.  This looks to be an active series of sessions producing drafts and finished plans for our work in September and beyond.  A sample of specific projects includes: detailed plans for the implementation of the new Educator Evaluation Tool, implementation steps for Instructional Rounds with teachers in each building, developing the new direction for instructional technology, and designing the detailed work for the District Improvement Plan to be unveiled at our opening convocation.

This week I was able to hold a variety of meetings for planning purposes.  Johanna and I are continuing our work on PD planning and developing our new teacher/mentor program. Beth Choquette and I met with our DSAC support people to continue implementing strategic improvement for Bridge Street students. Kathy Malynoski and I met to discuss the current state of our ELL services and the future direction for staff training and program development.  Mark Prince and I had a lunch meeting to cover a variety of transition items and he is enjoying the challenge of his new superintendency.  Mark McLaughlin and I were treated to a complete tour of the new police station courtesy of Chief Sienkiewicz and I continue to meet with and hire our new teachers for next year.  I am so proud of the candidates we are bringing into our schools.

Over at Leeds, we continue to monitor the Clarke School remodeling project. Though it continues to be slow, we are hopeful they will finish on time.

Today was the final day for faculty and staff to submit feedback on my performance for School Committee review.  We received 200 submissions and I look forward to the rest of the review process.

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