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August 30, 2012 Weekly musings:

Posted on: August 31, 2012

By: digitalart

On Monday, our ALT participated in a full day team building retreat at Camp Norwich led by YMCA CEO David Marks.  David is a skilled, nuanced facilitator who expertly guided us through activities to open our hearts and minds to each other as leaders and taught us to work as a team to integrate and implement our goals as a district.  I appreciated his work and the willingness of the members of our team to take risks, open up, and forge new professional and personal bonds.  It was definitely time well spent and now we will move forward with high expectations for ourselves, our faculty, and our students.

Tuesday, we met our new faculty and staff for our annual orientation meeting. This year we added a new twist; we transported everyone by school bus through the city to see all of our school buildings while Gwen Agna informed and entertained us with an oral history of the city of Northampton.  Gwen took us through time to the early beginnings, the renaissance of the city’s music and arts, the evolution of immigration, and the commitment to democracy, equality, and independence that makes us who we are today.

I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the opening convocation. It was similar to last year, yet even better.  Vice Chair Stephanie Pick, Mayor Narkewicz, and NASE President Sharon Carlson showed great leadership and support for our schools and faculty.  Together, they contributed to the positive climate and morale our schools are currently experiencing.  Angelo Rota did a nice job of showing our teachers what is possible, and free, in the world of technology teaching tools.  NEF Representative Joe Bartolomeo shared his appreciation for the work we do and reminded us all of the commitment of financial support NEF offers us annually.

I was able to meet with Union reps and attorneys yesterday to put the finishing touches on our agreements for the Clarke School students at Leeds; and today, I met with Clarke School representatives to finalize the transition plans that will bring their students to Leeds and JFK on Tuesday.  All are looking forward to this groundbreaking opportunity to bring our populations together and improve the learning experience for all.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be in the school buildings observing and enjoying the opening day energy and activities.  Enjoy the last summer weekend; it appears it will be a great one.

Brian L. Salzer, Ed.S.

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