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October 21, 2012 Weekly musings:

Posted on: October 22, 2012

By: Ron Bird

We went to work this week on our goal of observing and supporting our students at Bridge Street.  Principal Beth Choquette and I observed classes on Monday, and will continue to build a strategy of support for the students using the additional DSAC funding we received.  Our plan is a combination of approaches including: bringing support into the classroom with a co-teaching model, designing a before-school math tutoring program, and providing professional development for teachers of math.  I will continue to enlist our in-house experts from other schools to offer feedback and support as well. I am confident we will be able to support and improve our students’ performance and make an important step toward shedding our “Level 3 status” label.

In addition, we are continuing our work with local businesses, building our relationship and soliciting financial support for the technology in our schools.  We have received total donations of $9000 so far and will be bringing these gifts to School Committee on November 8th for acceptance.  This money for technology to support student learning is greatly appreciated and we will be speaking to the Capital Planning Committee on October 31st to solicit even greater support for our schools in terms of infrastructure, software for our student data base, and new equipment. We are hopeful this is the year we will bring our technology capability up to status comparable to our surrounding districts.

The weather channel forecast for next Saturday shows dry, sunny, and a high of 65 degrees for our first ever Educator Athletes in Training to be Healthy triathlon.  Over 90 people are registered for this event as individual participants or members of a team.  Volunteers are in place, but more are needed.  Please come to JFK on Saturday the 27th from 8:00 a.m. until noon to support our teachers who have been training hard for months to compete in this test of fitness and endurance.

This week I completed my first of four courses at MIT Sloan School of Business in the Executive Education program.  This course was on Implementing Improvement Strategies in our organization. It was an exciting and useful experience.  I am back with many new ideas I will be sharing with our leadership team and implementing at least one strategy immediately.  I will return to MIT on Thursday and Friday for the second course on Intelligent Organizations.


Brian L. Salzer, Ed.S.

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