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October 29, 2012 Weekly Musings:

Posted on: October 29, 2012

By: 10incheslab

There was excitement, camaraderie, smiles, sweat, and adrenaline on Saturday during our triathlon for Educator Athletes in Training to Be Healthy (E.A.T.2BHealthy).  This was the culmination of seven months of planning and training to improve our fitness levels while building a community of educators committed to a physical fitness challenge.  Throughout the summer and early fall, Northampton Educators were training together and building a disciplined workout schedule to succeed in a triathlon.  This was designed by a committee to be a morale boosting fitness activity and I will declare it a success.  Thank you to all participants, volunteers, cheerleaders, and sponsors.  The results will be posted on the blog separately.

Our first district wide “late start for professional development” on Wednesday was successful in providing our faculty and staff the time and leadership to continue their engagement in Professional Learning Communities.  I was able to observe for a short time at the high school, JFK, and Jackson Street.  Teacher teams worked on subjects including: meaningful homework, differentiated instruction using tiered curriculum, studying the effect of the daily schedule on learning, building a culture to support positive discipline, and connecting curricular objectives between building levels.  Comments shared with me as I made my rounds were consistent: “Thank you so much for providing time for us to do this work. We need to do more of this.”  We will continue our discussion and work on the next P.D. day (Nov. 6th).

Nancy Athas and our high school teachers put the issue of the later start time to the students in advisory this past Thursday.  I am rescheduling my after school meeting with the faculty and the Public Forum.  The Public Forum, open to all parents and teachers at all levels, will be held on Wednesday November 7th at the High School Auditorium from  7-8:30 p.m.

The weather has dictated our schedule this week and many events had to be canceled and/or re-scheduled.

On Wednesday evening at 5:00,  Mark McLaughlin, Angelo Rota, and I will make our proposal to the Capital Planning Committee to advocate for additional funds for our technology department.  These funds will be dedicated to upgrading our infrastructure, purchasing our new student data base, and preparing to provide enough computer stations for the online PARCC assessment in 2013-14 which will replace the MCAS paper exams.


Brian L. Salzer, Ed.S.

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