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November 25, 2012 Weekly musings:

Posted on: November 26, 2012

By: David Castillo

During our ALT meeting we continued to review our practice with our new Educator Evaluation Tool.  Currently, we are conducting “walk through” observations, monitoring progress on SMART goals, and becoming more familiar with the rubric.  We will receive further training soon on the six modules from either an MTA trainer or through the Collaborative for Educational Services.  M.A.S.S. Superintendent Coach Kevin Courtney joined us for our Tuesday meeting and met with me afterward for coaching and de-briefing.

I am pleased to say Blackboard Connect was back up and running by last week Monday.  Mark McLaughlin, Wendy Blanchette, Susan Wright, and Joe Cook all worked together to resolve the contract issue.  We will be looking at alternative companies and going to bid for this contract for FY 14.

Wednesday morning I was invited to serve as a mock interviewer for some juniors at Smith Vocational High School.  I interviewed students who are preparing for jobs in plumbing; they had resumes prepared, portfolios ready, and did a wonderful job handling the interview questions.

Next week, I will be attending my third MIT course on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This course is titled Negotiations for Executives and falls at a perfect time as we begin planning for our collective bargaining process. School Committee and Union Representatives will likely begin meeting in January to develop our next three year agreement.  Our current contract ends June 30, 2013.

On Thursday, I will be attending the M.A.S.S. Superintendent Cohort group in Marlboro.  For this meeting second and third year superintendents are meeting together with coaches to discuss the Effective School Board Book. This is the same book our School Committee read two years ago.

The School Committee will hold a special meeting on Wednesday December 5th at 7:15 pm in the JFK Middle School Community Room. The discussion will be about change in start times at elementary, middle and high schools, including the possibility of negotiating an additional twenty minutes to the elementary school day.


Brian L. Salzer, Ed.S.

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