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December 2, 2012 Weekly musings:

Posted on: December 3, 2012

hot choc. runThere are three major items on my mind: implementation of the Educator Evaluation Tool, progress on our district improvement plan, and preparing for our collective bargaining process.

I am grateful for the preparation work our evaluation committee did last year and this year.  These committee members, along with our administrative team, have learned and then taught elements of this new system to all who are being evaluated this year.  Yet, we still have more learning and practice in front of us.  The teacher leaders on the committee and the administrative team will participate in further training on the six modules using MTA trainers.  These trainings will take place over three days: January 3, 24, and February 7.

We continue to review and meet our fifteen goals in this year’s D.I.P. Main goals include: effective data teams at each school, teacher led technology workshops at each building, use of a co-teaching model of mathematics instruction in fifth and sixth grade, establishing goals through the collective bargaining process to support more art/music/enrichment/activities/sports education, and prioritizing our financial commitment for technology.  I will present an update on all of the D.I.P. goals during our January School Committee meeting.

And finally, our collective bargaining process is in the early stages. Our School Committee and Union Leaders are working on developing the next contractual agreement.  These meetings will begin in January with the goal of having an agreement in place prior to June 30.  I am looking forward to advising and assisting through this process because I feel we have established a positive rapport and shared vision for the future of our students and teachers that has led to a positive morale in our community.

It was exciting to run my second Hot Chocolate Run this morning.  Many educators were seen wearing the E.A.T.2BHealthy warm up jackets from our triathlon.  Our speediest educator was Leeds Elementary teacher Andrew Foster who placed 104th with a time of 20:11.  Congratulations to Andrew and all successful finishers in the run and walk.

Tomorrow, I will be attending a workshop sponsored by M.A.S.S. on labor relations.  N.A.S.E. president Sharon Carlson will join me in Marlboro for this day of learning.

Next Wednesday, December 5th, we will have a special School Committee meeting so we can have the discussion on the later start time options and the extended day proposals.  We were unable to discuss this at our recent regular meeting due to a misunderstanding on the description of the agenda item.       During the November meeting we had a significant amount of public comment, yet we were unable to share our thoughts.  During the special meeting this week we will only have this one agenda item for SC members to discuss.  Public comment is welcome once again at our regular meeting on December 13th.


Brian L. Salzer, Ed.S.

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