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May 3, 2013 Weekly musings:

Posted on: May 3, 2013

Colorful_spring_gardenThe R.K. Finn Ryan Road principal search committee recommended Sarah Madden for appointment and a small group of us conducted a very successful site visit Thursday afternoon.  Sarah has accepted our offer and we are all very excited to collaborate with our new colleague.

The high school principal first round interviews began yesterday afternoon and continue today.  Leeds principal first round interviews will be conducted next Monday and Wednesday.  Further information regarding finalists and public forums will be offered soon.

Our ALT team completed work on the priority list of personnel and programs available for restoration following a successful override vote.  The draft was shared with Mayor Narkewicz this week.  We will work on finalizing this list and possibly present it to the School Committee next Thursday.

Jennifer Towler and I conducted the School Choice lottery this week.  We opened 56 spaces and selected 51 students.  The families will be notified starting today.

In our continued efforts to provide a safe and secure high school environment, new internal and external cameras have been added to the current camera system.  Effective immediately we have a total of 30 cameras in use inside and outside of the building.  Of course, these cameras play an important role in our overall plans and procedures for school safety, yet continual communication among students, families, and faculty will always be our best protection and prevention.  We are thankful for the Northampton Police Department who donated these cameras for our use.

At Bridge Street School, Craig Murdock (PE teacher/head teacher), Carol Ruyffelaert (special education teacher), and Principal Beth Choquette have been accepted into the Harvard University: School Turnaround Leaders program. The team will be attending June 3-7. Together with Harvard faculty, expert practitioners and a cohort of fellow school turnaround leaders, this team will analyze elements critical to the school’s turnaround plan.  They will develop a theory of action, gain key leadership skills, and learn strategies for success.


Brian Salzer


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